FIS Introduces New Bill Pay User Interface

FIS, a provider of banking and payments technology, has unveiled its next generation bill payment solution for financial institutions.

The new bill pay interface from FIS uses task-oriented, configurable modules that answer consumers’ hot button bill pay questions, all at the landing page. The solution features a product tour and setup assistant designed to ease ‘new user’ apprehension and drive increased bill pay usage.

The customisable modules of FIS bill pay:

  • The ‘bill rack’ organises all bills based on due date, enabling a consumer to know at a glance ‘what to pay right now’.
  • The landing page has a central location that facilitates payments to existing and new payees and allows consumers to expedite payments.
  • The consumer can see the impact of all current and pending payments in the ‘balance worksheet’, to track their balance and avoid overdrafts.
  • Consumers seeking historical context around a payment can quickly review all scheduled and completed payments through the ‘payment activity’ module.

“Helping banks and credit unions increase bill pay adoption is directly related to the product’s ability to solve consumers’ bill pay predicaments. Above all, consumers have told FIS they need answers to two vital questions upon logging in: ‘What bills do I need to pay?’ and ‘Will this payment overdraft my account’,” said Frank D’Angelo, executive vice president, FIS Payment Solutions Group. “The new FIS bill pay user interface empowers financial institutions to rapidly respond to consumers’ essential bill pay questions and foster increased loyalty.”


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