Krombacher Brewery Selects Hanse Orga for Bank Communication

Krombacher Brewery has selected Hanse Orga’s ebXchange for a combination of bank communication and payment transaction procedures that are fully integrated in SAP.

Krombacher had very high demands of its new system from both a functional and technical point of view. The complexity of the group, with 13 companies that have a total of 30 accounts, demanded more security, transparency and control for both payment transaction and banking communication procedures. The brewery also wanted to centralise and decrease the complex manual processes in SAP. After detailed talks with Hanse Orga, Krombacher decided not to enter into talks with other providers and made the decision to implement ebXchange to replace db-directMC as their electronic banking system.

ebXchange gives Krombacher a central platform that is integrated in their SAP system. Using ebXchange allows the company to communicate and exchange data with all connected banks. The traceability of all banking transactions (send and receive) is guaranteed. An overview of the status of payments and bank statements can be easily read with help of the traffic light display in the monitor function. The status messages give the staff an overview of all payments at the push of a button. Duplicate user administration, as well as the temporary storage of data in the company network, are no longer necessary.

“Hanse Orga’s ebXchange is the best electronic banking strategy for us,” said Claudia Attenberger, project staff finance and accounting, Krombacher. “The central platform that is integrated in our SAP system features automated processes that save time and have a high degree of transparency, data only have to be entered once and the system is very user-friendly.”


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