SMA Financial Launches SMA Alembic for Cash and Liquidity Management

SMA Financial has launched SMA Alembic to help corporate treasuries improve cash and liquidity management. SMA Alembic uses next generation SWIFT technology based on ISO20022 standards to automate and streamline payments, reduce the complexity of international cash management and enable more efficient use of working capital.

SMA Alembic is a modular software suite that can be customised to meet the requirements of the corporate treasury department. It simplifies SWIFT connectivity, making it easy to make payments and receive statements, and is backed up by SMA’s team of SWIFT-certified experts. SMA Alembic allows corporate treasury to:

  • Reduce the complexity of international cash management, deliver greater efficiency and optimise liquidity management.
  • Automate and streamline payments preparation using straightforward workflows.
  • Gain greater visibility of multi-bank cash positions from a single consolidated view.
  • Eliminate multiple connections to proprietary electronic banking services.
  • Make use of standardised counterparty data.

Simon Murby, managing director, SMA Financial, said: “SMA Alembic has been designed to enable corporate treasurers to optimise cash and liquidity management while simplifying any complexity associated with making payments over the SWIFT network. Customers benefit from a highly flexible user interface to manage multi-bank cash management information. SMA Alembic is a cost effective, scalable and customisable product that combines the latest payments and cash management technology with the proven ultra secure SWIFT network.”


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