Citi Prepaid Services Launches Payroll Services for Voltas in the UAE

Citi’s Global Transaction Services business for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) has extended its platform for Citi Prepaid Services by launching payroll services in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for Voltas, part of the Tata group and one of the world’s premier engineering solutions providers and project specialists. Voltas has successfully undertaken and executed multi-million dollar electro-mechanical projects in the Middle East, Far East and southeast Asia, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries, Africa and India.

Citi’s solution for Voltas will provide the issuance of cards regularly loaded with the value of the payroll for each employee at the various project sites of the company. Furthermore, the service will enable an automated and employee friendly payroll process that complies with the Wages Protection System (WPS) regulations in the UAE. By partnering with corporate clients with a large migrant labour force, Citi is facilitating the important objective of reaching and protecting the unbanked as stipulated in the WPS.

Shaukat Ali Mir, regional director and chief operating officer (COO), Voltas, said: “Citi was able to offer our group innovative and flexible solutions that matched the needs of our company. The innovative platform offered by Citi Prepaid Services delivers a flexible programme designed to meet an organisation’s objectives, delivering faster, more efficient and convenient payments to employees, customers and third parties.”


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