Use of Central Security Master Files Grows

The demand for a centrally managed security master is still growing, according to a new survey. The AIM Software study was designed to inquire into the driving forces, challenges and planned investments for reference data automation across 51 countries.

Whereas in 2007 only 38% of all respondents stated that they had a ‘golden copy’, in 2009 51% now feed reference data into a centrally managed repository. “Despite the cost containment policy in many institutions following the economic crisis, firms are aware of their need to enhance operational efficiency and to support the growing risk management and compliance requirements. This might be the reason for the steadily rising demand for central security master files,” explained Martin Buchberger, head of marketing and sales at AIM Software.

The global findings 2009 show that high-quality reference data is more than ever being considered a key issue for financial institutions in order to reduce errors (73% of all responses), cut costs (58%) and to help understand a firm’s exposure to risk (58%). Compared to the results of previous years, these figures indicate a steady increase of enterprises’ awareness in this field: in 2006 only 53% of all participants perceived errors, costs (45%) and risk management (44%) to be major driving forces for reference data automation.


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