Bancolombia Uses Actimize and Unisys to Build Fraud Management Programme

Bancolombia is working with Actimize, a NICE Systems company, and Unisys to strengthen its ability to fight fraud across the entire bank. Bancolombia is implementing Actimize ATM/debit, remote banking, wire and automated clearing house (ACH) fraud prevention solutions. Unisys is working on deployment of the solutions.

As a leader in the Colombian market, Bancolombia strives to best protect customer and firm assets by combating the threat of fraud across all its lines of business. Once deployed, the Actimize suite of fraud prevention solutions will monitor all types of transactions enterprise-wide, alerting on suspicious behaviour and blocking truly risky transactions.

“We performed an exhaustive review of all the top fraud prevention solutions in the market, looking for a single vendor who can cover our entire enterprise fraud needs,” said Joaquín Fernando Yepes, IT security and compliance director at Bancolombia. “Actimize solutions and Unisys services are a major component of Bancolombia’s strategy to provide greater levels of security to our customers.”


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