Mobey Forum and EPC Co-operate to Boost Mobile Payments Across SEPA

The global cross-industry consortium Mobey Forum, whose mission is to facilitate financial institutions to offer mobile financial services, and the European Payments Council (EPC), the co-ordination body of the European banking industry in relation to payments, have signed a co-operation agreement to support the uptake of mobile payments. Specifically, this co-operation seeks to: provide compelling mobile payment use cases based on industry input; and improve interoperability between mobile payment solutions in the market.

As a first step, EPC and Mobey Forum will co-operate to develop remote mobile payments user cases and service descriptions with a view to:

  • Leveraging both organisations’ resources and competence.
  • Fostering cross-industry coordination and consensus.
  • Delivering content contributions to further inform the different stakeholder communities about the potential of the mobile channel for remote payments and related services as well as business opportunities.

Dag-Inge Flatraaker, chair of the EPC M-Channel Group, said: “The EPC is implementing a roadmap for mobile payments. The aim is to develop mobile channels for the initiation and receipt of SEPA payments with a focus on proximity payments. The co-operation of EPC and Mobey Forum represents broad cross industry competence and experience that will help to achieve our mutual goals in this field.”


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