CoCoNet’s E-banking Solutions Support New SEPA Order Types

CoCoNet’s finance portals and e-banking servers support the new single euro payments area (SEPA) order types in all customer and bank systems according to Zentraler Kreditausschuss (ZKA) specifications of data formats version 2.4.

The ZKA, representing the German Banking industry, has defined new SEPA order types and thus incorporated the new rulebooks 3.x for SEPA payment instruments of the European Payment Council (EPC). The new order types based on the existing order types for the SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT) and the SEPA Direct Debit (SDD), differentiating between the business-to-business (B2B) and core (between corporates and consumers) SDDs.

CoCoNet integrates these adaptations in its e-banking products so that banks and corporate customers can process both the old and the new formats and order types, including the SEPA container formats as specified for payment transactions in Germany. The ZKA specification only approves the container structure variant ‘mixed’ as a mandatory structure, and not the variants ‘single’ and ‘grouped’ any longer. For an staggered migration, all parties can process the existing SEPA formats with the new order types for the time being.

For the transmission of SEPA payments to the bank, corporate customers with CoCoNets solutions can use the access channels BCS-FTAM, MultiWeb Banking and EBICS. The new ZKA specifications with the internet-based communications standard EBICS version 2.4 offers enhanced security according signature, cryptography and authentication.


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