Sword FircoSoft and Decillion Group Collaborate on SWIFT Connectivity

Sword FircoSoft, a provider of watchlist filtering solutions, and Decillion Group, a SWIFT service bureau operator in the Asia-Pacific region, have joined forces to offer watchlist filtering technology on Decillion’s SWIFT service bureau hosted in Singapore.

Firco Continuity has been installed on Decillion’s SWIFT service bureau and allows financial institutions to filter their inbound and outbound SWIFT transactions in real-time, against the sanctions lists provided by Sword FircoSoft’s Firco List Service. Eight customers in the Asia-Pacific region are already benefitting from this service offer and achieving substantial cost savings.

With Sword FircoSoft’s filtering technology directly plugged in, Decillion’s SWIFT service bureau customers can be compliant with local and international sanctions without the initial investment for an in-house implementation and without the necessary effort to keep the programme maintained and lists up to date.

Ian Loh, senior manager sales and service bureau, Decillion Group, said: “This collaboration proves to deliver highly reliable services to our customers in Asia. They achieve full compliance by filtering their SWIFT transactions without compromising the operational efficiency and the continuity of their business.”


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