3Delta Systems Certifies with RBS WorldPay to Provide PCI-Compliant Card Processing

3Delta Systems, an online credit card payment solutions provider, has been certified to directly process electronic payment transactions with RBS WorldPay. RBS WorldPay offers merchants a range of payment processing solutions – from face-to-face to online, servicing all sizes and sectors of business.

Level-3 data, also known as corporate card line-item detail, is a feature that can significantly reduce costs and is valued by many 3Delta Systems customers. Level-3 data not only provides detailed purchase information such as item description, quantity, unit price and invoice number, but also qualifies merchants for the lowest processing rate possible. RBS WorldPay merchants who use 3Delta Systems’ 3DSI as their online payment processing gateway can easily and safely transmit transactions for authorisation, settlement and payment.

“Protecting cardholder data is paramount for any business accepting electronic payments today,” said Nick Peirson, vice president of ecommerce market development for RBS WorldPay. “Failure to secure sensitive data exposes companies to a multitude of regulatory, reputation and financial risks and penalties. The certification of 3Delta Systems’ suite of virtual payment processing and data tokenisation services highlights RBS WorldPay’s continued commitment to provide our merchants with integrated payment solutions that offer the most secure and advanced technologies available.”


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