Swedbank to Deploy Aleri to Manage Risk and Meet FSA Regulations

Swedbank has selected Aleri’s Liquidity Risk Manager (LRM) as its liquidity risk management tool, which will be used by the bank’s group risk, compliance and finance, and treasury departments. By implementing LRM, the bank will have a single solution that will deliver an enterprise-wide view of its liquidity risk exposure, enhancing capabilities in managing and minimising liquidity risk and meet regulatory demands.

“Aleri LRM will provide us with a flexible management, reporting and a stress testing environment that will enable us to model stress events and gain insight into how different scenarios impact the bank’s liquidity exposure and assets value,” said Erik Öhman, head of operations, Swedbank Markets, Swedbank. “We feel LRM will provide us with the tools to successfully manage and limit our exposures to risk as we move forward beyond the crippling effects the global financial crisis has had on the industry.”

Aleri LRM allows banks to analyse, global operational liquidity risk over a short- to medium-term time horizon at a high level of granularity, looking at projected liquidity by product, business line, location, and currency under different economic scenarios. It provides insight into the effects of stress events on enterprise liquidity, enabling more effective contingent liquidity risk management practices and allowing banks to analyse and act on fast moving data.


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