Alcatel-Lucent and Clear2Pay Team on m-Payments Framework

Alcatel-Lucent’s venture touchatag and Clear2Pay, a payment solutions provider, are colaborating to create a mobile payment framework for mobile operators. This framework will allow users to purchase products, buy tickets or transfer money using their mobile phone. For example, by placing a near field communications (NFC) enabled mobile phone over scanners at a point-of-sale (POS) terminal, a user can use his phone as a wallet.

The partnership addresses the specific needs of mobile operators that seek to offer innovative new ways for businesses to market their goods and services. The capabilities of the mobile phone, RFID, SMS, Web 2.0 services, and location information, combined with payment, allow merchants to enhance their customer relationships with virtual loyalty cards, coupons, tickets and membership identifications delivered directly to a user’s mobile phone.

Through this co-operative effort, Clear2Pay and touchatag have created a payment and stored value account (SVA) solution that will allow merchants to enjoy fast POS transactions, collection and redemption of loyalty points, issuance of gift cards, delivery of electronic store receipts, interactive advertising and promotions as well as enhanced customer relationship management analytics. Users gain the benefit of easy payments and checking transactions and balances in real time on their mobile phone. In addition, users can manage many relationships with merchants, banks, and day-to-day applications without adding single use cards to their physical wallet. Initially, the relationship will focus on delivering proximity/contactless payment using RFID stickers and tags and evolve to NFC enabled mobile phones. In the future, the same platform will deliver remittance payments, person-to-person payment services and SMS ticketing.

Michel Akkermans, chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) at Clear2Pay, said: “We are happy that a leading telecom player such as Alcatel-Lucent selects our technology for stored value in order to offer customer facing payment solutions to their customers. In these challenging times, the market is looking for profitable and secure mobile solutions that have true business potential. We are confident that with this alliance we will be able to offer just that.”


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