M2 Europe and Airmax Launch Prepaid Corporate Card for UK Fleet Drivers

M2 Europe, a prepaid card programme provider, has partnered with fleet technology innovators, Airmax Group, to provide a transit and corporate payments solution, the Airmax Scope Prepaid MasterCard. The card combines the benefits of hosted data from vehicles with detailed payment reporting to provide online fuel and expense management.

With the facility to make payments wherever MasterCard cards are accepted, the Scope card is poised to replace more costly and inefficient paper-based processes such as cheque distribution, receipt, paper voucher printing and recurring payment distribution. The system can support multi-vendor strategies and provide control, reduced administration, transparency and a flexible replacement for fuel cards, credit cards and reimbursement schemes. In addition, cardholders do not require a separate fuel card as both corporate expenses and fuel is managed on a single card.

Darshan Amin, Airmax Scope director, said: “The Scope Prepaid MasterCard is a new payment tool suitable for all UK registered businesses, irrespective of size or credit history. The Scope card incorporates flexible business rules providing businesses with enhanced financial control across workforce spending. Subsequently, the card can easily be incorporated into almost any existing systems to improve fuel and fleet management, reporting and analysis.”


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