Wells Fargo Adds Commercial Banking Services to iPhone Application

Wells Fargo & Company has released the CEO Mobile iPhone App, a free time-saving tool alerts corporate and business customers to pending transactions and connects them to online commercial banking services.

The application delivers mobile access to commercial electronic office (CEO) portal services. Users can monitor balances in corporate bank accounts, approve outgoing payments, manage exception items, view intraday account activity, and reset user passwords. In addition, the CEO Mobile app alerts users, even before they sign on, to wires, image positive pay exceptions or automated clearing house (ACH) fraud filter reports that await decisions.

“We’re answering the call of our CEO Mobile customers who asked for an iPhone app,” said Amy Johnson, channel manager of the CEO Mobile service. “Wells Fargo has kept its focus on integration with Wachovia, yet at the same time we’ve continued to invest in technology, products, and people.”

In the past year, CEO Mobile service also added Mobile Basic Banking, allowing small business users to access their Wells Fargo cash and credit accounts, view transactions, and transfer funds through mobile devices. Wells Fargo recently expanded its mobile capabilities to allow customers to view and manage some of their loan obligations using a mobile device. The CEO Mobile service has seen new user adoption and usage double in the past year.


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