Chase Paymentech Certifies 3Delta Systems to Process Corporate Credit Cards

3Delta Systems, a provider of online credit card payment solutions, has been certified to securely process and transmit web-based merchant credit card and purchase card (p-card) transactions directly with Chase Paymentech, a subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase, for real-time authorisation, settlement and payment.

3Delta Systems’ certification supports corporate card line-item detail, also known as Level-3 line-item data, which augments basic corporate card transactions with more detailed purchase information that qualifies merchants for lower credit card interchange rates. The certification also applies to 3Delta Systems’ processing services for all major card brands – Visa, MasterCard/Diner’s Club, American Express and Discover.

“Businesses often overlook the cost savings and operational efficiencies that can be achieved through their payment processing gateway simply because many of them are unaware of what Level-3 line-item information entails,” said Aaron Bills, chief operating officer and founder of 3Delta Systems. “On average, we save our customers 30% on their payment processing costs compared to what they’re currently spending, largely due to better interchange-rate qualification that Level-3 line-item detail provides. Plus, with 3Delta Systems’ software-as-a-service’ delivery model, ongoing upkeep of a PC-based payment system and the associated risks of distributed software are eliminated. Lower card processing costs, reduced transaction times and enhanced security all add up to increased sales and profitability for our customers.”


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