Reval Upgrades Two SaaS Platforms for Risk and Compliance

Reval has expanded the functionality of two products, Reval 9.1 and First F9, both software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms to support derivative use for hedging against business risk, while providing new tools and features that increase operational efficiencies and enable compliance with evolving regulatory requirements.

“Treasury professionals are facing extraordinary times with little resources,” said Reval chief operating officer (COO) Philip Pettinato. “Our job is to provide them with the kind of functionality that can help them work smarter, not harder.”

Reval 9.1’s broad instrument coverage now includes new structured interest rate products, such as range accrual notes and swaps as well as principal protected notes and swaps, regression effectiveness testing for all structured products and expanded instrument coverage through accounting and valuation support for embedded foreign exchange derivatives. In addition, it further enhances Reval’s credit valuation adjustment module, automating calculations of netted credit-adjusted fair values, now viewed as best practice under FAS 133 and soon to be required under IFRS, which from 1 January 2010 will include Canada.

First F9 now interfaces with 360T’s multi-dealer trading network, helping corporate treasurers achieve straight-through processing (STP), a key requirement for realising operational efficiencies and minimising operational risk. In addition, First F9 enables corporate treasuries to manage growing currency and commodity exposure volumes with leaner budgets by streamlining hedging workflow and providing additional hedge accounting compliance tools.


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