PayFair Goes Live on the Distra Universal Switch

PayFair, a single euro payments area (SEPA)-compliant payment card for European consumers, merchants and banks, has gone live on the Distra Universal Switch. The announcement comes as PayFair announced the first implementation of its ‘one card for one Europe’ system, which went live in Belgian supermarkets beginning with Colruyt near Brussels.

Distra’s solution is working in conjunction with technologies from Unisys and GFG Group to deliver the PayFair platform. In line with PayFair’s rollout, Distra will also be supporting the card network as it expands into other supermarkets in Belgium and into Germany in early 2010, as well as future rollouts across Europe and globally.

“PayFair is indicative of the innovations occurring in the payments landscape, with consumers, merchants and banks demanding lower costs, increased independence and choice from their card payment operations. It also represents a shift in the market, with retailers increasingly driving the payments agenda,” said Mike Aston, chief executive officer (CEO), Distra. “Distra is pleased to be involved with such an innovative programme as PayFair which sits right at the heart of payments transformation. We look forward to a future together delivering the benefits of greater choice to the payments market.”


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