ProcServe Announces Enhanced Zanzibar Service Integration Capability

ProcServe, provider of the Zanzibar procurement and electronic marketplace for the UK government, has reduced the cost and time for customers to integrate their enterprise resource planning (ERP) and finance systems with the Zanzibar service. The new functionality means that Zanzibar connects to the Government Secure Internet (GSi) increasing security and allowing faster data flow between Zanzibar’s emarketplace and its users back office systems.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), an Oracle e-Business Suite user, is the first organisation in the public sector to benefit. DWP was the first to adopt the Zanzibar marketplace and is leading the way in the collaborative buying of goods and services by public sector bodies.

David Thorpe, director of DWP’s shared services centre (SSC), views this as a leap towards helping his organisation sustain the major efficiencies that the department has been delivering and driving these out to others across the public sector. Thorpe said: “This makes using collaborative contracts even more seamless to our thousands of users. Effectively Zanzibar fully replicates their personal Internet shopping experiences but with all of the protections you would expect to find in an organisation spending billions of pounds of public money a year on goods and services. Not only is it easy for our users, but it means that we can get even better control on our goods and services spend in our drive to deliver ever greater value for the taxpayer’s pound.”


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