Esker Launches SaaS Solution to Automate Invoice Delivery

Esker, a document process automation solutions firm, has released a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution to automate customer invoice delivery, providing up to 80% savings on paper invoicing along with real-time tracking and reduced process time, according to the company. Accounts Receivable on Demand (ARD) provides the flexibility to benefit from invoice automation, while allowing customers to continue receiving invoices in their preferred format (mail, fax or electronic invoices).

The Esker solution integrates directly with invoicing applications, making it easy for companies to automate delivery and archiving of invoices by offering customers access to a portal where invoices are exchanged and stored. Customers now have the flexibility to choose a different delivery format using the web portal:

  • Electronic invoices: Invoices are automatically signed with the appropriate certificate and time-stamped before being archived and delivered to the customer by email with an attachment, or web portal.
  • Invoicing by mail: Delivering invoices by mail is fully automated by the company invoicing application. Invoices are sent to an Esker production centre where they are printed, inserted into envelopes, stamped, and handed over to the postal service. All invoices received before 12noon are processed and transferred to the postal service on the same day.
  • Invoicing by fax: Invoices can also be sent by fax through Esker infrastructure, where they are correctly routed to recipients.

“Given the difficulties that companies face in implementing electronic invoicing, today we are introducing a simple and straightforward solution to gradually move invoicing processes from paper to electronic formats, while continuing to respect the preferred delivery option of customers. This new offer allows companies to eliminate paper, mail processing, and any concerns about compliance with electronic invoicing regulations,” said Jean-Michel Bérard, chief executive officer (CEO) of Esker.


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