Voice Commerce Launches Web-based Interface for Voice-based Authentication

Voice Commerce has launched the VoiceTransact application programming interface (API), which is designed to allow organisations to quickly access the company’s VoiceTransact Trust Centres. This allows organisations, such as banks, telecommunications operators and businesses that require identity and verification, with optional payment processing to evaluate and verify the benefits to their own customers of using voice-signature authentication. The API enables the VoiceTransact services to be integrated into any business process, and during a free two-week trial, customers can evaluate the time and cost savings that the use of voice-based identity authentication through the solution can bring.

It does not require any additional investment in systems and the interface is pre-integrated with the Visa, MasterCard and American Express payment networks. As such, the company says that customers will be able to quickly build their own identity and verification or identity verification and payment system into their business using a system that ensures global interoperability standards.


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