LyondellBasell Expands Global Logistics Visibility and Control with GT Nexus Portal

LyondellBasell, a global polymers, petrochemicals and fuels company, has begun a full roll out of a web-based global logistics visibility and control platform for its deep sea cargo. The system is delivered through the GT Nexus Trade and Logistics Portal and configured specifically for LyondellBasell, their carriers, their customers and their supply sources.

The platform, provided as an on-demand service, was tested and proven during a short pilot phase. LyondellBasell is now extending the platform to cover additional key trade lanes and trade partners across Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Australia. The roll out will ultimately cover all global supply sources and trade lanes.

“LyondellBasell is a very strategic customer win for GT Nexus because they’re a leader in the petrochemicals industry,” said Greg Johnsen, executive vice president (EVP) and co-founder of GT Nexus. “Their supply chain involves multiple different, independent organisations that each need to see specific information elements related to product that’s being moved by a third party. An industry standard platform like GT Nexus is the perfect way to deliver a multitude of custom, private views to a broad array of constituents.”

Headquartered in The Netherlands, LyondellBasell Industries operates more than 50 manufacturing sites in 19 countries.


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