Experian Tallyman Available in North America

Experian Tallyman, a collections management system, is now available in the North American market. The Tallyman system allows users to manage their collections processes more efficiently, effectively reducing operational costs while improving cash flow.

Tallyman users can expect cash collection metric improvements of up to 70%, claims Experian, with operational cost reductions reaching 40%. In addition to maximising collections recovery, Tallyman streamlines the internal process and minimises the need for manual intervention. Additionally, the system provides real-time feedback on collections team performance, resources and overall strategy effectiveness

“Every stage of the customer lifecycle must be managed efficiently in today’s economic environment, none more so than the recovery or collections stage,” said Gary Kearns, Experian president of decision analytics. “In real-time Tallyman will segment and identify those accounts with the highest return potential, allowing the user to intelligently allocate resources and improve cash flow to the bottom line.”


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