KFPD Extends Web-based Financial Planning Platform to UK & Ireland

KFPD GmbH has launched its web-based financial planning and risk management platform, sals.a, in the UK & Ireland. Aimed at the corporate, public sector and bank markets, sals.a allows users to simplify financial management, create transparency, improve decision-making and risk management.

sals.a will allow finance managers to capture their funding, investment and derivative transactions in a single platform. Powerful analytics of risk and cash flow, alongside scenario planning, allow managers to indentify and quantify change in a timely manner. sals.a’s reporting capability and market data feeds allow relevant information to be shared with a single click, facilitating better decisions, management of risk and allocation of resources.

Neil Mathieson, director for the UK & Ireland, said: “The uncertain outlook for the economy, interest and exchange rates will continue to put pressure on profitability and liquidity. sals.a will provide valuable infrastructure and decision support in addressing these challenges.”


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