Wallstreet Configures Treasury Interface for Mobile Devices

Wall Street Systems has configured a new interface for mobile devices, such as the BlackBerry, that gives corporate treasurers powerful access to their treasury management system (TMS) while on the move.

The Treasury-on-the-Move interface will be unveiled at the AFP Annual Conference in San Francisco and will enable corporate treasurers using Wallstreet Suite to make business critical decisions and transactions while they are working remotely.

Functionality will include payment initiation, authorisation and release, verification of investments, short-term borrowings, foreign exchange (FX) transactions, and intercompany loans. The new interactive interface will also enable corporate treasurers to be more flexible than before, and to respond to market turbulence more quickly than has previously been possible.

Enrico Camerinelli, senior analyst, Celent, said: “The time has passed when corporate treasurers would work within the four walls of their office. Decisions are now taken on the road, and the benefits and flexibility of mobile technology allow it to be utilised as an excellent tool for mobile treasury services.”


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