Chatham Financial Partners with Intuit Real Estate for Risk Evaluation

Chatham Financial, an independent interest rate and foreign exchange (FX) risk management advisor, has partnered with Intuit Real Estate Solutions (IRES), which provides real estate portfolio management and accounting software solutions to the global real estate industry.

The alliance will connect Chatham’s FMS debt management system with IRES’ Impact system to enable users to better evaluate risks and opportunities across their portfolio. FMS incorporates sophisticated interest rate modelling with real-time market data giving companies information and confidence to effectively manage their debt. Impact is IRES’ stand-alone application that allows clients to create investment models and scenarios, to evaluate buy, hold and sell decisions, and to deliver portfolio-wide performance reporting.

Mike Bontrager, founder and chief executive of Chatham Financial, said: “As a result of current economic conditions, there is an even greater need for easy access to and a working-knowledge of your debt portfolio. Borrowers now more than ever need to stay on top of maturity dates, extension terms, future cash flows, etc. Tracking that information in large spreadsheets just isn’t working for many of our clients any longer. We’re very excited for this alliance with IRES because it will allow our clients to combine all of this debt information stored in FMS with asset information stored and tracked in other system solutions. The result will be a powerful tool to analyse detailed debt and asset information, side-by-side, in one application.”


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