Citi Partners with Mirae Asset Management on Processing Enhancements

Citi’s Securities and Fund Services, a division of Global Transaction Services, has been mandated by South Korea’s Mirae Asset Management to provide an array of fund services for its newly launched Luxembourg Sicav (Mirae Asset Global Discovery Fund). The deal draws on the shared processing capabilities of Citi Securities and Fund Services Europe and Asia Pacific teams to successfully support Mirae Asset Management’s expansion into new markets.

For Mirae Asset Management, Citi Luxembourg will serve as fund administrator, transfer agent and custodian for Mirae Asst Management’s Luxembourg Sicav, which is now sold to institutional and retail investors in Hong Kong. Citi will also provide integrated sub-transfer agency, distributor support, paying agent services, transaction processing and reporting services through its Hong Kong-based operations team.

In addition to specific products and services, Mirae Asset Management will derive benefits from partnering with Citi Securities and Fund Services. Mirae Asset Management will receive the comfort of local operational and relationship support. Additionally, by servicing the fund from Hong Kong, Citi Securities and Fund Services will securely cover any time zone issues and extend the operation window for the fund.


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