Thales Launches SafeSign Single Sign On

Thales has launched SafeSign Single Sign On, the latest addition to the SafeSign authentication and ID management product line. The company says that the new addition delivers simplified strong authentication for organisations concerned with ever increasing security threats, rising help-desk costs and frustration with managing multiple and complex passwords.

The solution is designed to provide simplified secure access to sensitive applications through strong authentication, requiring the user to identify himself only once at the start of a session. It enables suitable authentication logon policies to be enforced in order to meet a diverse set of business requirements. Different strengths and types of authentication can be presented to different user groups including static passwords, one-time password tokens, USB tokens, EMV/CAP cards and PKI smart cards.

With SafeSign Single Sign On, Thales says that users need just one identity credential and no longer need to remember lots of different passwords – meaning fewer calls to reset passwords or accounts and in turn a reduction in help-desk costs related to password management.


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