Huntington Bank Rolls Out Fraud and Counterfeiting Software to Help Small Firms

Huntington National Bank has installed Generated Systems’ ARP Translator that allows a bank to target small and middle market customers to more easily use a system aimed at detecting fraud and counterfeiting.

ARP Translator, a component of Generated Systems’ Business Banking Desktop, automatically retrieves cheque issue data according to a customer-defined schedule. Once cheque issues are retrieved, they are translated into the bank’s cheque register format, encrypted and automatically transmitted to the bank’s back office. ARP Translator supports other accounting systems via direct connect and preset rules.

“Huntington’s biggest challenge implementing Positive Pay for small business customers is collecting cheque register data in the bank’s standard format,” said Mary Navarro, retail and business banking director at the bank. “Generated Systems’ product solves that problem and also saves the customer’s time by automating the entire process. Positive Pay is a very effective tool to fight cheque fraud and we see Huntington Easy Export as the key to offering this service to the small business market.”


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