GCA to Use Tsys Processing Services for Casino Customers

Global Cash Access (GCA) has executed a processing services agreement with Tsys Acquiring Solutions. GCA will use Tsys’ processing services to connect with card associations and electronic funds transfer networks to complete ATM cash withdrawals, credit card cash advances and POS debit card transactions initiated by the patrons of GCA’s casino customers. Tsys will provide processing services for the majority of GCA’s worldwide operations.

“Tsys’ provision of our processing services will provide GCA with the sophisticated processing platform capabilities we need to support our customers as well as ongoing technology innovations. We are very excited about these new products and believe that they will help gaming operators lowers costs, improve the players’ experiences, and yield greater efficiencies to our casino customers. Our entry into the processing services agreement with Tsys is a cornerstone of our development plans,” said Scott Betts, GCA’s president and chief executive officer.


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