SIX Telekurs Expands Data Supply from Eastern Europe and Central Asia

SIX Telekurs is expanding its supply of data from eastern Europe and central Asia due to strong international demand. The expansion begins with the Russian provider, Russian Trading System (RTS) Exchange.

SIX Telekurs now transmits RTS data in real time as opposed to hourly snapshots, as was previously the case. As a result, customers of SIX Telekurs have immediate access to events in Russia’s first regulated market.

“Our customers in Austria, the UK and US, in particular, have been making use of this expanded offering,” said Dominique Tanner, head of business development at SIX Telekurs. “The banks have developed strong ties with eastern Europe in recent years. We intend to support them in gaining further ground in these markets.”

The RTS data offering from SIX Telekurs covers shares, bonds, funds, futures and options in roubles and dollars. Stock trading and trading in options and futures currently represent the most liquid market segments.


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