Logica’s Messaging Hub Processes Over Five Million SWIFT Messages per Day

Logica has announced the results of a high-performance benchmark test carried out on Fastwire Open, Logica’s messaging hub, powered by IBM processors. The hub can now process over five million SWIFT FIN messages per day. The test was carried out in conjunction with a tier one banking client, which is one of world’s largest users of SWIFT – demonstrating the hub’s ability to support global banks.

Logica undertook the benchmark test at IBM’s performance testing facility in Montpellier, France, during June 2009. Fastwire Open achieved a throughput of up to 200 messages per second, while actively using only 16 processors, exceeding the target of 150 messages per second.

“Banks need to gain greater efficiencies if they are to preserve profit margins, given escalating payments volumes and sustained revenue pressure,” said Andy Schmidt, research director at TowerGroup. “Centralised messaging hubs that are scalable and integrated give banks the flexibility and control that their payments businesses require. This allows banks to achieve savings through reduced messaging costs – savings that can be passed on to clients.”

For the test, the system processed SWIFT format messages while concurrently managing day-to-day activities such as archiving and database replication. The platform used an Oracle 10g database, operating with Oracle RAC and Dataguard, and was based on IBM 64-Core Power6 5GHz Based Power 595.


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