Moody’s Analytics Introduces FSA Liquidity Management Compliance Offering

Moody’s Analytics has launched a liquidity management and regulatory reporting solution that enables UK institutions to meet all of the Financial Services Authority’s (FSA) new regulatory requirements (as outlined in the CP08/22, CP09/13 and CP09/14 papers) and at the same time enhance internal liquidity management practices beyond regulatory needs.

The FSA liquidity management compliance solution, which combines software and professional services, is built with both regulatory requirements and broader risk management challenges in mind, offering a range of benefits such as data collection, stress simulation, regulatory calculations, and group-wide enhanced liquidity management.

Through the combined expertise from its software products – Fermat ALM/Liquidity Risk and Fermat/Regulatory Reporting Tool – and its consulting practice, Moody’s Analytics’ approach allows customers to meet FSA compliance requirements while also improving risk returns across the organisation through the implementation of a true liquidity management solution.

“Moody’s Analytics’ software suite has a long-established reputation for providing advanced risk management solutions, especially under Basel II. Major European institutions already rely on our products to manage their regulatory reporting and broader risk management needs,” said Geoff Fite, Moody’s Analytics’ chief operating officer. “Our integrated liquidity management and reporting solution is continuing this tradition.”


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