Swinton Insurance Implements ALBANYverify for Direct Debits

Swinton Insurance has implemented ALBANYverify (API) to validate all customer bank account details when setting up direct debit collections at the first point of data entry. ALBANYverify (API) will ensure that Swinton avoids penalty bank charges that can be incurred from inputting incorrect details, which will result in significant transaction cost savings.

ALBANYverify (API) is integrated with Swinton’s internal bank validation service systems, operating behind the scenes to ensure that all banking details are correct before they are entered into the system.

Joanne Bowden, business solutions manager at Swinton Insurance, said “ALBANYverify (API) runs seamlessly throughout Swinton Insurance, from the website that provides quotes, to the branch system and the internal reconciliation system. By integrating ALBANYverify (API) into the Swinton web service we can ensure that we have an effective, streamlined process within all three major systems to ensure that all bank details are verified.”

Swinton purchased ALBANYverify (API) following a successful software trial. Bowden explains: “We evaluated other products on the market and found they lacked the functionality that we found with Albany’s solution. ALBANYverify (API) was not only simpler and offered at a more competitive rate than the other systems, but all users have easily adapted to ALBANYverify (API), the system requires no intervention, upgrades or changes are easy to implement and support has been readily available.”


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