RBS WorldPay and VeriFone Partner on End-to-end Encryption

RBS WorldPay, a US payment processor, has agreed to work jointly in marketing VeriFone’s VeriShield Protect end-to-end solution for encrypting payment card data. With end-to-end encryption, even in the event of a breach of the retailer’s system, any stolen data would be unusable.

RBS WorldPay is the first merchant acquirer to endorse a commercial end-to-end encryption solution. By encrypting the card number on swipe, right at the point of sale, RBS WorldPay merchants who choose the VeriShield Protect solution will be able to dramatically reduce both their own risk and that of their customers as well.

“RBS WorldPay merchants and prospects are telling us they want to significantly reduce the impact of PCI compliance on their business – and they want a solution their processor endorses,” said Ian Stuttard, president and CEO of RBS WorldPay. “VeriShield Protect will easily integrate into multi-lane retailers’ existing systems and networks.”


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