Citi Treasury Analytics Service Helps Address New FAS 115-2 Requirements

Citi has enhanced its custody and investor services capabilities with new online reporting functionality to help clients address the regulatory reporting requirements of the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issued statement 115-2 (FAS 115-2).

The new functionality addresses mark-to-market accounting for securities and generates regulatory disclosures with greater detail and frequency than previously required. As a part of this upgrade, Treasury Analytics gives each client the flexibility to write down securities per their specific requirements while providing greater control in how these impairments are recognised. It also integrates FAS 115-2 requirements with daily and period-end investment reporting in an automated and auditable process.

“This enhancement is another example of Citi providing our clients with the tools they need to keep up with new regulations both efficiently and easily,” said Craig Dudsak, global custody North America region head, Citi. “Treasury Analytics increases portfolio oversight and enables our clients to provide greater transparency to their stakeholders and regulators.”


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