Global Payments Launches Broadband Payment System in Asia-Pacific

Global Payments Asia-Pacific, a joint venture between HSBC and US-based Global Payments, has introduced Global BroadbandPay, an Internet protocol (IP)-based point-of-sale solution that provides merchants with fast, secure and reliable card acceptance services across the Asia-Pacific region.

Merchants and processing partners no longer need to rely on slow dial-up networks or invest in expensive dedicated communication links to their card-acquiring banks. Instead, this new product enables use of their existing internet connection to enjoy a plug-and-play experience. Global BroadbandPay is now available to merchants in Brunei, Hong Kong, Macau, the Maldives, the Philippines, Singapore and Sri Lanka.

Sidharth Singh, director, regional product & business development, Global Payments Asia-Pacific, said: “Supporting the full range of card brands along with integration support for merchants’ electronic cash registers, Global BroadbandPay is ideal for establishments with high customer footfalls, especially multi-lane retailers such as supermarkets, department stores and duty free shops. Merchants will enjoy the dual benefits of minimising customer queuing time through faster check-outs while significantly reducing their communication costs.”


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