Tsys Launches Integrated Multi-channel Collections

Tsys has partnered with Collections Marketing Centre (CMC) to provide Tsys customers with an integrated collections service that improves creditors’ operational performance through adaptive, multi-channel communications with their customers. Tsys and CMC are pre-integrating with Tsys’ systems, enabling the customisation of offers for high-risk current, delinquent and charged-off accounts using multiple channels, including: the web, text messages, letters, e-mail, IVR and agent channels.

The new service, known as Tsys FlexCollect, is available directly to existing Tsys customers. By optimising collections channels based on demonstrated individual accountholder behaviour and preferences, Tsys FlexCollect can maximise agent productivity and improve the customer experience while shortening collections cycles and mitigating charge-off risks.

“Pre-integrating CMC’s service with the Tsys platform will enable clients to begin using it without extensive hardware investments or protracted integration projects,” said Matt Jardina, group executive for value added products, Tsys. “With Tsys FlexCollect, clients can more easily manage offers, treatments, agent floor limits and queues consistently across communication channels, driving measurable improvements in productivity and collections effectiveness.”


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