SwiftKnowledge Launches BI Offering for Banks

SwiftKnowledge, a provider of web-based business intelligence (BI) software, has launched pre-configured BI solutions for the banking industry.

The SwiftKnowledge for Banking solutions are designed to provide greater visibility into all banking information, so bankers can better predict, prevent and respond to critical opportunities and challenges. Additionally, via its service-based pricing option, SwiftKnowledge is extending enterprise-strength BI functionality to banks that otherwise might be unable to afford it.

“Easy-to-use, intuitive BI technology, such as that offered by SwiftKnowledge, satisfies a critical need in the banking industry right now,” said Robert Olson, chief executive officer of SwiftKnowledge. “For example, according to Boston Consulting Group, customer retention and management continues to be a top priority for bank executives, yet only 30% of consumers say they had been contacted by their financial institution during the recession. This disconnect is due largely to the lack of a global view of customer information spread across multiple data systems. Without this comprehensive understanding of customer profiles and accounts, bankers are hard-pressed to design and manage successful, strategic marketing campaigns that maximise the impact of limited marketing dollars while maximising the potential profitable return.”

The SwiftKnowledge for Banking solutions include:

  • Deposit management.
  • Financial management.
  • Loan Management.


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