SunGard Launches New Suite of Energy Data Management Toolkit

SunGard has launched a new suite of energy data management tools for Aligne, a multi-commodity software solution suite that integrates data management, trading, risk, credit, fuels procurement, emissions compliance, back-office, treasury/finance and management information needs. SunGard’s Aligne Data Management Toolkit (DMT) helps decision-makers achieve business agility through analysis of market and transaction data from multiple sources.

Aligne DMT is a flexible and scalable data management framework for processing, analysing and leveraging energy information across the enterprise. It aggregates energy information from multiple sources, validates the data and presents it within a consistent framework to help companies achieve speed and accuracy in data interpretation. It provides a web-based application to help users of all technical levels navigate, chart and analyse energy market data.

Aligne DMT’s ‘plug and play’ functionality allows organisations to purchase and use only those tools and functionality needed, helping simplify deployment and avoiding unnecessary cost. Each tool is developed to be highly customisable and configurable without the need for custom consulting work, helping to save both time and money.


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