SWIFT Extends Eligibility for Corporates Joining SCORE

SWIFT has extended the eligibility criteria for corporates wishing to join SCORE, the Standardised Corporate Environment that enables corporates to use SWIFT’s messaging platform to access the services provided by their financial institutions.

Previously, eligibility for SCORE required that corporates be listed on a regulated stock exchange of a Financial Action Task Force (FATF) member country or that they be majority-owned by an eligible company. It was agreed at the SWIFT annual general meeting, held in June 2009, to widen the criteria so that any corporate will be eligible to join SCORE provided that it is recommended by an existing SCORE bank located in a FATF member country. Recommending a corporate for SCORE simply means confirming a willingness to exchange traffic with that corporate over

Accessing SCORE is subject to availability of the relationship management application (RMA). Practically this means that:

  • For FIN, corporates eligible according to the new criteria will be allowed to join SCORE immediately as RMA for FIN is already available.
  • For FileAct and InterAct, the new criteria will become applicable when RMA for FileAct and InterAct is commercially available. This is currently foreseen for the second half of 2010.


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