SWIFT Selects Quantum4D to Provide Interface to Network

SWIFT, a consortium of banks that supplies standardised messaging services and interface software to financial institutions worldwide, is using Quantum4D’s holographic analytics software platform to improve their ability to analyse and model their community’s network and understand its dynamics.

After surveying multiple visualisation software platforms, SWIFT selected Quantum4D because of its ability to illuminate trends, patterns and anomalies occurring across their global system in ways that were not possible before. With Quantum4D, SWIFT gains access to an interconnected universe of dynamic 3D workspaces containing visual representations of the SWIFT network by region, country and BIC levels. This new collaborative work environment is allowing SWIFT to see and explore their data more effectively providing faster access to deeper insights on their network and its behaviour.

“We are seeing how the combination of a new visual interface paradigm with traditional statistical approaches amplifies our ability to rapidly access the structure and dynamics in our network,” said Gottfried Leibberant, head of markets, SWIFT.


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