Temenos Launches T24 Model Bank BIAN Alignment Initiatives

Temenos, core banking systems firm and a founding member of the Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN), revealed a set of development initiatives undertaken to align T24 Model Bank with the first set of BIAN standards published on 13 July 2009. This includes the recent launch of T24 R09, the latest release of Temenos T24, signifying the first release of a set of model bank banking services, which have been aligned with the work being done through BIAN on the banking services landscape. Its work highlights the company’s dedication to the service-oriented architecture (SOA) model and supports BIAN’s aim to help accelerate the adoption of standards for the industry.

Robert Hunt, senior research analyst, TowerGroup, said: “What we have today is a technology Tower of Babel – systems written at different times using different software structures and sometimes different programming languages. This results in systems that are difficult and expensive to maintain and prevents banks from implementing new products in a timely manner. BIAN represents a great opportunity for the industry to define banking services and develop a more standardised approach to software development. As we develop SOA standards and services, banks and vendors should be able to develop and maintain systems at a much lower cost. This first set of published deliverables and the alignment initiatives undertaken by members like Temenos is encouraging and will work to bring the benefits of BIAN to life for potential members.”

Temenos has adopted the BIAN metamodel and service landscape for the representation of banking business services, defined services around business partner and payments, and put in place plans to adopt the final Level 3 specifications for business partner and payments from BIAN once they are released.

At the ‘Standardisation in Service-oriented Architectures’ session at the Standards Forum at Sibos 2009 Hong Kong, Koen Van den Brande, group strategy and marketing director for Temenos, will be speaking on behalf of BIAN. Van den Brande will cover a brief history of standards in the banking industry, including what other standards bodies have learned in terms of adoption. He will then lead a discussion with a number of representatives from the other standards organisations. The session will take place on Tuesday 15 September from 15:15 to 16:00 at the Standards Forum stand.


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