Queensland Treasury Picks T24 for Core Banking Platform

Australia’s Queensland Treasury Corporation (QTC) has selected Temenos T24 as the core platform of their onlending and investment administration (OLIA) solution. QTC, as the Queensland Government’s central funding authority and corporate treasury services provider, signed the deal with Temenos as part of a programme to increase the flexibility of its products and service efficiency for its customers.

To improve its ability to respond to changing customer needs, QTC is actively reviewing the systems capabilities that support the delivery of its lending and investment products. T24 replaces a portfolio of internally developed legacy applications. QTC selected T24 for its flexibility and ability to integrate with broader corporate information initiatives.

T24 is able to integrate into QTC’s existing systems environment using XML and web services and will also be running on the institution’s’ preferred hardware and database options, Windows server with an Oracle database. The system is expected to go live in middle of 2010. QTC is also using Temenos Application Management (TAM) services to roll out the T24 system.


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