Iccrea Banca Implements EastNets’ AML and SWIFT Monitoring Tools

Italy’s Iccrea Banca has implemented EastNets’ watchlist filtering and SWIFT value-add plug-in solutions to expand its anti-money laundering (AML) capabilities and improve SWIFT traffic control.

Iccrea Banca has deployed three EastNets solutions including: en.SafeWatch Filtering, providing real-time blocking and sanction list filtering; en.Reporting for FIN and XML traffic monitoring and reporting; and en.Duplicate Detection, preventing in real time emission of duplicate payments or other FIN messages sent to correspondents. This deal was completed in collaboration with EastNets’ Italian partner Net Solving.

“After the deployment of EastNets’ solutions, we saw an immediate improvement of our compliance and SWIFT operations,” said Claudio Di Legge, head of CAIS of Iccrea. “The joint efforts of EastNets and Net Solving gave us the right confidence to start these projects.”


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