BT Launches Sustainable Workforce Assessment

BT has launched the Sustainable Workforce Assessment (SWA), a service that helps large corporates and public sector organisations improve staff morale and help reduce costs, in the UK.

The SWA engages with organisations that have human resources (HR) issues ranging from workforce costs, financial targets, skills enhancement and employee engagement to talent management and retention. Through this assessment, BT will help organisations reduce costs, if they are concerned about sustainability, or if they want to improve the welfare of their people, while creating a strong business benefit.

Dinah McLeod, head of sustainability practice, BT Global Services, said: “We have been credited for the successful outcomes of our HR practices around the world, including home working, increasing average productivity, stress and mental health to controlling absenteeism. These credits put us in the right position to advice organisations on how to deal with people issues in tough economic times”.

As part of the assessment, a gap analysis highlights areas where performance and engagement need to be improved. For example, implementing flexible working practices across an organisation can lead to greater motivation, loyalty and commitment and over time build into an enhanced reputation. This together with other larger benefits can also lead to better talent retention.


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