Toyota Tsusho Metals Goes Live with Brady

Toyota Tsusho Metals (TTM), wholly owned by Toyota Tsusho Corporation (TTC), has gone live with Brady as its new trading and risk management system.

TTM is the specialised, London-based global futures and options metals trading arm of Toyota Motor Group, which is also responsible for the company’s global hedging requirements. TTM’s involvement in metals includes trading ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as recovered material, including precious metals from ‘end of life vehicles’ (ELVs), an area set to be of increasing importance as governments seek to increase levels of automotive recycling.

Lester Doman, head of risk and compliance at TTM, said: “We chose Brady for the company’s expertise in risk management and trading of metals, as well as for its innovative products. I am looking forward to leveraging the benefits of the comprehensive risk management facilities combined with the enhanced communication flow between the trading, management and risk functions.”


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