Ariba Launches Risk Management Solutions Suite

Ariba has launched a new set of solutions that combine best-in-class risk and performance management software, global supplier and supply market expertise and risk mitigation services to help companies identify and effectively minimise risk across their global supply chains.

“Having information on supplier financial viability and operational performance is critical to assessing exposure to risk, but it doesn’t provide a full picture and isn’t enough to help companies mitigate potentially negative effects on their business,” said Sundar Kamakshisundaram, senior solutions marketing manager, Ariba. “What’s needed is a 360 degree view of a supplier’s health, details on underlying supply market risks and an efficient process for acting upon this intelligence on an ongoing basis.”

With Ariba Supplier Management, companies can gain a comprehensive view of supply risk and proactively diagnose and mitigate these issues before they impact their organisation. This suite includes:

  • Supplier Risk Assessments.
  • Supplier Information Management On Demand.
  • Supplier Performance Management On Demand.


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