Acxiom Ships Digital Identity Card

Acxiom has launched a beta offering for retail merchants, corporations, financial institutions and other organisations that wish to offer a privately branded identity card to their customers.

“Businesses should benefit with a decrease in internal consumer authentication and fraud detection costs if they encourage their customers to adopt a digital identity card,” said Tim Christin, senior vice president of Acxiom’s risk mitigation division. “And in turn, their customers should benefit by the streamlined online experience with a single sign-on system, the elimination of user names and passwords, and the reduced risk of identity fraud.”

A business can allow patrons to apply for the identity card by simply logging on to the business’s website. The consumer is prompted to answer a series of authentication questions that validate the user’s identity. After the user’s identity is authenticated and validated, the digital identity card is activated for storage on the consumer’s personal computer.


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