FXpress Launches Latest SaaS Treasury Risk Management Software for Corporates

FXpress Corporation has released FIRST S9, the latest version of the company’s web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) treasury risk management and accounting software for corporations.

FIRST S9 introduces a redesigned intercompany lending facility, a new bank account management module and new netting tools, designed to make foreign exchange (FX) trading costs easier to manage through back-to-back hedging. The intercompany lending tool is capable of handling the diverse range of corporate loan practices, including fees and taxes, and greatly reducing the time to manage a large portfolio of variable-rate loans. The bank account management module introduces a bank account audit workflow enabling treasury departments to identify unused accounts and reduce operational risk.

“Treasuries often lack the tools to track and analyse complex intercompany loan portfolios and effectively managing these portfolios can help reduce P volatility and result in significant tax, equity, and liquidity benefits to both business units and the parent corporation,” said Stephanie Swanton, interest rate and debt product manager at FXpress.

“Leveraging FIRST’s technology to build an effective bank account and signatory repository and management process can yield direct benefits in lower bank fees, improved global cash visibility, decreased operational risk, and easier compliance with internal controls and governance policies,” said Darren Greway, vice president of product development at FXpress.


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