Epay Launches Debit Card

Epay has launched a new Epay debit card for personal and business usage worldwide.

This Epay debit card was designed to provide consumers and small business owners with the following financial benefits:

  • Usage at all participating ATMs worldwide.
  • Point of sale (POS) transaction capability.
  • Online purchase capabilities.
  • The option to establish the debit card as a payout card.
  • Business owners can issue 2-300 cards to their employees, giving them a variety of payroll, commission and benefits payment options, reducing the expense of managing these functionalities in-house.
  • Business owners can use the debit card to pay affiliate commissions worldwide.
  • Business owners can reduce transaction costs associated with bank wires and cash transfers to vendors, employees, and affiliates.
  • Loading an Epay debit card is also a faster transaction option for delivering cash than traditional business cheques.
  • Because there is not a conversion fee assessed for international transactions, Epay debit cards are a less expensive option for both individuals and business owners.
  • EPAY master account allows easy payroll and payouts management.


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